ALB Korea Corporate Compliance Forum 2020


Thursday, 2 July 2020

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Seoul, South Korea


Event Overview

The year is 2020, when regulatory compliance has more impacts on South Korean corporate operations than ever. As the country embraces its international footprint and harnesses its fair-trade practices, corporate sanctions, export control regimes, and antitrust laws weigh in as top concerns for corporate counsel. More businesses are brought under regulatory scrutiny with more record fines being imposed. Besides, the escalated trade tensions, together with global policy uncertainties pose new compliance matters to Korean corporates in a full array of colours. 

Corporate counsel and compliance leaders no longer just keep the house in order but provide a proactive engagement to steer more business opportunities for the corporate, while effectively guarding the company against unnecessary risks. 

ALB Korea Corporate Compliance Forum 2020 provides a platform for senior legal and compliance experts to share their strategies on how to better manage the ever-increasing compliance obligations in both South Korea and abroad. Participants will also get practical advice on how to effectively deal with the risks associated with expanding into markets where prevailing local practices are at odds with international norms.

Why You Should Attend

  • Stay abreast of 2020 regulatory compliance: managing government investigations and enforcement trends in south Korea
  • Grapple with anti-competition and antitrust laws in South Korea - managing competition law risk while preserving your competitive edge
  • Engage with leading corporate counsel and lawyers to stay aware of common compliance pitfalls and capture best compliance practices 
  • Harness cross-border regulatory compliance to paving the way for more international business opportunities 
  • Formulate a customised and robust approach for your business’ data privacy protection 
  • Establish a rigorous anti-corruption ecosystem to safeguard your organisation: from internal control to external due diligence 
  • Safeguard your company against third-party risks to confidently retain new business opportunities 
  • Adopt evolving technologies to effectively detecting corporate white-collar crimes 
  • Korea’s impending changes in labour standards act and its impact on your company’s operations 
  • An old new world – how corporate ethics has evolved and the changing roles of compliance and counsel 

Target Audience

  • Corporate In-House Counsels 
  • General, Legal and Corporate Counsels
  • Chief Legal/Ethics/Integrity/Risk Officers
  • Heads of Corporate Legal, Compliance and Governance
  • Corporate Legal and Compliance Directors, Managers and Executives 
  • Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management 
  • CEOs, CFOs and Company Secretaries 
  • In-House Legal Advisers and Consultants 
  • Private Practice and Corporate Law Firms
  • Information Security and Technology Providers 
  • Consultants and Experts from Corporate and Financial Services, Legal and Compliance Industry







Stay tune for more updates on the agenda. 

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Forum Topics at a Glance*


  • Moving Forward to 2020 Regulatory Compliance: Managing Government Investigations and Enforcement Trends in South Korea 

  • Competition and Antitrust Laws in South Korea - Managing Competition Law Risk While Reserving Your Competitive Edge

  • Harnessing Cross-border Regulatory Compliance to Paving the Way for More International Business Opportunities 

  • Not All Data is Protected Equal – Formulating a Customised and Robust Approach for Your Business’ Data Privacy Protection 

  • Building a Rigorous Anti-Corruption Ecosystem to Safeguard Your Organisation: From Internal Control to External Due Diligence 

  • Safeguarding Your Company Against Third-Party Intermediaries Risks to Confidently Retain New Business Opportunities 

  • Adopting Evolving Technologies to Effectively Detecting Corporate White-Collar Crimes 

  • Korea’s Impending Changes in Labour Standards Act and its Impacts on Your Company’s Operations 

  • An Old New World – How Corporate Ethics Has Evolved and the Changing Roles of Compliance and Counsel 

  * Forum agenda is not final and subject to further revisions

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Confirmed Speakers to Date

  • David Lee, Managing Counsel, International Legal Team, KSOE
  • Aram Choi, Corporate Counsel, Autodesk
  • Roger Chae, Senior Director, Legal & Compliance, Otis Elevator Co.
  • JongMyung Park, General Counsel, Delivery Hero Korea
  • Ji Eun Lee, Chief of Legal Team, Renault Samsung Motors 
  • Suejung Alexa Oh, Legal Director, GSK
  • Suk-Joon KIM, Representative Director, Refinitiv Korea
  • And more to be announced!

 Details of participating speakers will be updated shortly. 

For speaking details, please contact Bella at


Speakers / Panelists 

David Lee

David Lee, Managing Counsel, International Legal Team, KSOE

David is a Managing Counsel at Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (previously Hyundai Heavy Industries) (“KSOE”) based in Ulsan, Korea.  He has over 12 years’ experience in all aspects of commercial law, both as an in-house lawyer and in private practice, and has particular expertise in oil and gas and construction projects. 

As part of KSOE’s international legal team, David has worked across many different jurisdictions and has come across all types of legal issues. Before moving to Korea, David was a legal counsel at a large Australian publicly listed oil and gas company and an associate at a specialist commercial law firm in South Australia.

David is an Australian qualified lawyer and graduated from the University of Adelaide with a double degree in law and commerce.

Aram Choi

Aram Choi, Corporate Counsel, Autodesk

Aram Choi is currently the Corporate Counsel at Autodesk. Aram is a pragmatic, problem solving law professional offering solid experience in commercial and real estate law. Substantial knowledge in commercial litigation and settlement negotiation. Effective ability to represent clients in contract negotiation, and general legal advice. Significant corporate compliance experience.

Roger Chae_Otis

Roger Chae, Senior Director, Legal & Compliance, Otis Elevator Co.

Roger has broad experience advising business leaders in risk management and finding solutions to legal and commercial issues. He enjoys the dynamics of business and growth strategies in mature and emerging markets in Asia. In particular, Roger is driven by challenges and making a difference.

 JM Park

JongMyung Park, General Counsel, Delivery Hero Korea


 JiEun Lee

Ji Eun Lee, Chief of Legal Team, Renault Samsung Motors

Ji Eun is a legal counsel with more than 13 years' experience in a top-tier law firm and multinational companies as in-house counsel: Anti-trust, HR, Anti-corruption, Finance, M&A, Privacy, Government investigation(KFTC), Compliance, Ethics 

 Alexa Oh

Suejung Alexa Oh, Legal Director, GSK

Alexa is an attorney with background in competition law and regulatory practice. She has extensive experience in managing stakeholders across functions and geographies while ensuring alignment. Highly qualified to effectively manage legal issues for multinational corporations operating in various jurisdictions and address potential regulatory conflicts. Possesses experience in supporting pharmaceutical operations on various aspects including manufacturing and supply, commercial and medical operations and relevant regulatory issues. Licensed to practice in New York and Massachusetts.


Suk-Jun KIM, Representative Director, Refinitiv Korea

Suk-Joon KIM has 20 years’ work experiences on Korea Financial Industry, focusing IT solution and Data Services. As representative director of Refinitiv Korea, he works with most of the financial industry – Banks, Buy Side, Sell Side and Corporates. During the era of Innovation worldwide, Refinitiv Korea are deeply involved on Data Driven Innovation Process across world. He is highly interested in how to contribute such innovation into Korea financial industries. Before Refinitiv, he had worked in global IT solution business in SunGard as Head of Korea, where he works with many global/ local firms in various area, covering Front to Back listed exchange trading, OTC trading, Enterprise Risk Management, Security Financing and Compliance.

김석준, 레피니티브코리아대표

김석준대표는 20이상한국금융권의 IT 솔루션과데이터서비스부분에종사해왔습니다. 레피니티브코리아의대표로서은행, 바이사이드, 셀사이드, 기업등다양한금융기관과함께업무를하고있읍니다전세계적인혁신의시기에맞추어, 레피니티브는전세계적인규모로데이터에기반한혁신프로세스에깊이연관되어있습니다. 그는이러한혁신을한국금융시장에도입하는부분에공헌하고자노력하고있습니다또한그는세계적인금융솔루션회사인선가드에서한국대표를지냈었고, 기간동안다양한국내외금융사들과장내거래, 장외파생거래, 기업리스크관리, 증권금융컴플라이언스에이르는다양한영역에대한 IT 솔루션인프라선진화에기여하여왔습니다.








Thursday, 23 April 2020

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Seoul, South Korea



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