Special Reports

ALB 2020 Asia In-House Survey: Would You Like Some Innovation With That?
By Elizabeth Beattie | 05 Feb 20
The ALB 2020 Asia In-house Survey results are in – and while the numbers may map conservative change, the emerging picture is far from mundane. As the in-house role continues to evolve, lawyers are no longer tied to their desks 24/7.
State of the Market: Hong Kong & Singapore
By Elizabeth Beattie | 12 Dec 19
In Hong Kong, a dim economic outlook coupled with uncertainty from the U.S.-China trade war has cast a shadow over the special administrative region, while protests – occasionally violent – have dented the city’s economy.
ALB Asia Top 50 2019: Resilience in an Uncertain Climate
By Elizabeth Beattie |, By Asian Legal Business | 11 Nov 19
Much like its preceding year, 2019 marked another tumultuous and politically charged year for Asia. Throughout it all, law firms for the most part have succeeded in managing to keep their headcounts steady against a backdrop of uncertainty.
ALB 40 Under 40
By Ranajit Dam | 16 Oct 19
In its fifth annual list, ALB brings you 40 outstanding legal professionals in the region who are under the age of 40. These lawyers have worked on some of the most significant deals and disputes in the past year and have earned accolades from their peers, superiors and clients.
ALB M&A Rankings 2019 (ZH/EN)
By Asian Legal Business | 09 Sep 19
The year 2019 has been marked by headlines about the ongoing trade war between the world’s two largest economies, the U.S. and China. The trade war has kept investors cautious of making deals that could be affected by growing geopolitical risks and protectionism.
Ready for a Restart
By Ranajit Dam | 06 Aug 19
With a contentious presidential election season finally coming to a close, law firms in Indonesia have a lot more certainty about how the next few years will look like from a policy and regulatory perspective. Four managing partners talk about how the year has gone so far, and the strategies they are putting in place for the future.
Second Coming
By Elizabeth Beattie | 06 Aug 19
Expectations are high for Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s second term, who has a long laundry list of policy changes planned. However, lawyers say that easing of bottlenecks and infrastructure gaps across the board are essential to ensure that these political ambitions are truly achievable.
Deepening Ties
By Asian Legal Business | 06 Aug 19
China is already one of Indonesia’s top sources of foreign investment, and with Asia’s largest economy expanding its Belt and Road programme and other initiatives, the flow of capital is all set to continue.
Singapore’s Top In-House Teams
By Asian Legal Business | 05 Jul 19
As a hub for the Southeast Asian region, Singapore is home to companies with business interests across the ASEAN and beyond. In-house teams in the country, as a result, need to have a mindset that extends beyond the city-state’s orders, and thus need to be able to tackle a host of regulatory and compliance challenges in various jurisdictions.
Struggle, Pioneer and Win
By ALB | 18 Jun 19
India’s legal industry is seeing a quiet gender revolution, as an increasing number of women move up the ranks in both law firms and in-house legal departments. However, while many gains have been made, there is still much work to be done